Curv. Extended living.

Looking for a pool house, carport, garden office, or simply a place to retreat? Discover Curv, with its strikingly elegant design and rounded corners.
Curv stands for individuality, sustainability and versatility.
The durable wood and rounded corners allow the design to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Extended living is not just a promise, it is a lifestyle for those who expect more...
More freedom. More outdoor living. More possibilities. Or simply more from life.

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The Curv building solutions 

Curv allows you to choose from 3 building solutions: 

  1. Curv as a building kit, we supply the design, the building system, planning and advice.
  2. Curv as ready-to-install, a ready-to-use Curv that can be installed in one go.
  3. Curv as a total solution, one of our certified installers takes care of everything, from design to construction.

Curv as a building kit

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Curv as ready-to-install

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Curv as a total solution

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